What is the difference between marketing and selling

What is the difference between marketing and selling

The terms marketing and selling are often incorrectly used interchangeably. If you’ve wondered, “What is the difference between marketing and selling?”; there is a fine line that differentiates marketing and selling, including the activities, processes, outlooks, management, and more.

So, what is the difference between marketing and selling? In short, selling transforms goods into money, and marketing is the method of serving and satisfying customer needs. 

What Is The Difference Between Marketing and Selling?

Marketing Process

The marketing concept is a business plan believing the company’s profit is in showing consumer value to the target marketplace. Marketing recognizes the consumer’s need, meets that need, and results in positive customer feedback. The marketing process includes the promotion and distribution of the product or service. 

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Marketing depends upon four key elements, i.e., integrated marketing, target market, profitability, and customer needs. The idea begins with the particular market, emphasizes consumer requirements, regulates activities that impact consumers, and draws gain by serving consumers.

There are several popular types of marketing, including:

Relationship Marketing focuses on establishing and improving relationships and enhancing customer retention and loyalty.

Word of Mouth still remains the most powerful type of marketing. It depends on the impact your product or service leaves on the customers. This can result in positive or negative publicity depending on the consumers’ experience with the product or service. 

Digital Marketing is on the internet. Your product and service are promoted on multiple platforms using various approaches. Digital marketing strategies are created to help your organization succeed with customized digital marketing.

Paid Advertising can include traditional marketing, such as print and media advertising, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads. 

Cause Marketing associates a company’s products and services with a social cause or issue. 

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Marketing Examples

Selling Process

The selling concept believes that if companies and customers are dropped and detached, the customers will not buy enough items produced by the company. Commodities not solicited, i.e., those a consumer doesn’t see the need to purchase, can be used to support the theory. Instead, companies intend to sell what is available or manufactured. 

Necessary activities such as production, labeling, packaging, pricing, promotion, distribution, and selling must occur, and the consumer’s needs are behind all of these actions. Their primary focus is a long run of business ending up with profits.

There are numerous methods of selling which include:

  • Aggressive selling is where the intention is to sell the product in one shot. 
  • Consultative selling is building trust with your customer and establishing a business rapport with the client. 
  • Need-oriented selling is accomplished by listening to the customer, discovering their need, and then showing how your quality product or service can solve their problems and enhance their lives.
  • Product Oriented Selling is successful when the salesperson explains the features and benefits of a product or service and often shows a demo or examples. 
  • Competition Oriented Selling believes in helping customers stay one step ahead of their competition. 

Selling Examples

  • Business to Business Sales
  • Door-to-Door Sales
  • Cold Calling
  • Personal selling

What Is The Difference Between Marketing and Selling?

In every business today, we often experience the concept of marketing and selling. The marketing theory focuses on the customer’s requirements and identifies the means to fulfill that need. In marketing, the customer creates market demand. On the other hand, selling emphasizes only the seller’s requirements; therefore, in this process, the seller rules the market.

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